I'm sitting alone at a bar....

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Are you comfortable dining alone?

I currently find myself in Houston for a conference, sitting at the bar waiting for my Cobb salad with Salmon, surrounded by people having important business dinners and networking and shmoozing. I'm on my computer. Which is admittedly a safety blanket. But I guess it looks more intentional than staring at my phone scrolling Instagram.

Growing up I moved a lot, so I learned how to talk to strangers and build connections quickly. I learned how to read a room, and identify the friendlies. To identify who wants to talk and who doesn't.

I also learned how to be alone a lot. You spend a lot of time alone when you're the new kid.

Here's the thing: I don't have judgement about all of that. It wasn't good or bad. It just was, and it remains part of my story. And understanding how that shaped me as a professional is part of my strengths.

Your story and how it shapes your interactions is the first thing we cover in A Brave and Resilient Masterclass. Your story is the basis of how you interact with today. And there's no judgement there. We build on your story and examine it for your values, your stories of resilience, your dreams. And then we move forward to build on that story, and you learn to write a new one.

When you know where you've been, you have the foundation for where you're going.

No judgement.


PS - Have questions about the masterclass? Let's Chat! I'm happy to answer any and all questions you might have. Click this link to schedule a time: calendly.com/braveandresilient or reply to this email if you're a type to talk type :)

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